Ready-to-deliver industrial vehicle spare parts warehouse

Ready-to-deliver industrial vehicle spare parts warehouse

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To ensure customers can count on close support, our company set-up consists of a central industrial vehicle spare parts warehouse and strategically located branches that ensure the availability of a full range of parts and their fast delivery.

Our ultra-modern, dynamic branch facilities allow us to guarantee a comprehensive, always-up-to-date range of spare parts and, above all, delivery within a few hours of placing the order.

Sales, purchasing and indoor industrial vehicle spare parts warehousing facilities covering 15,000 m2: the beating heart of the company. Warehouses are equipped with a fully computerized item cataloguing and management system, ensuring orders are processed and fulfilled immediately. Technology, in fact, has always been the main driver behind our work: for example, RF barcode scanners ensure we’re able to handle large quantities of goods at maximum efficiency while minimizing both errors and waiting times.