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Experts, providing the best solution

Always attentive to market developments, Experica constantly upgrades its state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a complete service and provide a precise, comprehensive response. That’s why, as electronics become ever-more commonplace on industrial vehicles, the company has decided to purchase and market modern diagnostic tools.

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We’re European partners of the leading original equipment brands. Our corporate strategy is to supply original industrial spare parts and make effective use of direct teamwork with suppliers.

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We’re European partners of the leading original equipment brands. Our corporate strategy is to supply original industrial spare parts and make effective use of direct teamwork with suppliers.

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Our organizational set-up consists of a central warehouse and strategically located branches that ensure the availability of a full array of marketed products and their fast delivery.

Always up to speed with market developments

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Our mission is to keep pace with technological developments so that we’re ready to respond to the customer’s every challenge.


The best diagnostic tools ensure specialized, complete service.

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Consultancy/technical assistance services ensure fast troubleshooting.

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Professional training for new customer-focused technologies.

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Because we deliver optimal spare parts solutions for industrial and commercial vehicles.